In this 21st century, music industry keeps on evolving at a higher rate. Actually, there exists numerous ways of obtaining music from the author to listeners. Audiences prefer music streaming services to obtain music, whereby spotify web player is one of them.

The following are spotify alternatives that you should know when you want to stream music online.

iTune music store

This app was created by Apple. To date, it has more than 43 million music, thus becoming one of the biggest music seller. It provides an option for one to stream the music, or buy desired albums. Also, upgrading to iTunes Match, there will be a feature that will match your preferred music that is stored at iCloud, and deliver it to you.

Amazon Music

This app was the first to offer DRM-free streaming music. Apart from this feature, it also allows you to get access to music, download it, and by using Amazon Cloud Player application, upload the downloaded music to cloud. It has an Amazon Music library that has more than 30 million songs. When one subscribes to Amazon Prime Music, you can be able to do digital book borrowing, and high definition video streaming.

Google Play Music

This app resembles iTunes Match, in that it allows a subscribed user to upload up to 50,000 songs to cloud, which he/she gathered online. Once uploaded, you can use any device to access your collection. To get free song storage, one needs to subscribe for the streaming services, on a monthly basis around 10 dollars. This app permits access to over 30 million songs.

Apple Music

This app is very similar to iTunes Music Store in terms of music content. When you are subscribed to this app, you have the entrance to iTunes Music Store. One feature that seems advantageous is that using iOS device to turn on the app, you get an integration to all devices. It allows a 24 hr. streaming iTUne Radio, and many other stations.


This is a live online streaming radio web that has numerous stations. It permits you to personalize your playlist and put out those songs you don’t feel like listening to. It contains more than 1 million music in its library. Charges to get subscribed are $4 a month, whereby you enjoy getting a non-ad Pandora Radio. Using your mobile phone, you can access Pandora platform.


This music site has millions of music in its library that allows you to stream. It allows to be accessed from many platforms and devices. To access it, you need to pay some membership fee. Its sound quality is of 320 kbp/s.


It needs one to subscribe in order to stream music. It offers high definition music videos and audios. Its library is packed with more than 40 million music files, together with 130,000 music videos. Actually, it has gained popularity, in that currently, it has more than 3 million subscribers.


This is another online music app that allows a subscriber to access themed radio stations and do personalization to the streamed content. It is an easy to use web. Another distinguishing feature is that it offers free streaming services to a particular limit. Once you subscribe at $4.99 a month, you get offline and online streaming mode permission.

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