Apple AirPods are the latest tech coming from the mobile giant, but a lot of people are concerned about whether or not these wireless headphones live up to their hype and steeper price tag. There are lots of things to consider, but throughout this article you will hopefully have a better idea which side of the fence you find yourself. Let’s break it down into key sections, based on what people deem to be the most important factors when discussing the AirPods.


Bluetooth headphones are coming out all over the place now, even wireless ear buds like the AirPods. What a lot of these are lacking are the versatility and connectivity features that are built into the pioneering product from Apple. For starters, these buds are not just meant to listen to the tunes you have on your phone, though they can do this seamlessly. The buds themselves really start to shine when you determine that they can make phone calls, send out information queries to Siri and much more. These little functions make the AirPods a little more versatile than its competition.


While it might not be the highest price it could be, the average cost of a set of these buds along with their respective charger ranges around 150 dollars. That’s Apple though, they know people will pay more for the brand and charge accordingly. Considering that rival brands are dropping their own buds for much cheaper, you might find that based on the features that you really deem to be the most important, that AirPods just aren’t a necessity right now. Many people just want a wireless option for listening to their music, and if this is really all the feature that you expect and want, then you can hold off on the higher end Apple product and consider some of the other wireless Bluetooth options out there.

Smart Design For Tech/ Nerve Wracking Design For Users

There are certain integrated features that make these headphones truly unique to any earbuds that you might have ever used before. For starters, the music that you are listening to will automatically pause when you remove the buds from your ears, and resume once they are re-inserted. Full functionality of your music and voice calling is as simple as tapping one of the pods in your ear, and telling Siri what you want to do regarding volume, song skipping, voice calling, and much more.

While the tech design might be as on point as any wireless headphone options have ever been, a lot of people cannot seem to get over the likelihood of losing one of their pods, or both throughout their extensive use. While Apple has taken the time to shape their pods to fit securely and snuggly in most ears, this is still something that makes people uneasy and it should. No one wants to have to buy another set of 150 dollar AirPods because they were exercising and a pod got lost in the process.

There are all kinds of things to consider when it involves determining whether AirPods are worth their price tag. When it comes to wireless bud technology, they are sitting at the top of this pile if that tells you anything. If you are someone who can benefit from all the versatility and functions available through the pods, then this might be an easy cost to overcome for a set of headphones unlike anything you’ve used before.

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