It is not a secret to anyone that music is medicine to the ears. But wait, not only the ears enjoy listening to music, the brain too is affected with music.

Actually, songs do affect various brain parts when we listen to them.

It makes us interpret differently people’s faces.

When we listen to music, be it a happy or sad one, our brains tend to make different responses. For instance, when we listen to a song, we most likely to determine whether one has sad or happy expression on his/her face, in dependence of the music’s tone.

Also, listening to music makes us have two types of emotions namely: felt and perceived. It’s because of this reason, that other people enjoy sad music instead of being saddened by it.

Noise from music can enhance creativity.

You can admit that we like listening to music when we are busy doing household chores. But loud music won’t be appropriate when one is doing some inventive work. It has been proved that some reasonable level of noise from music can be ideal when doing some creative work. It just gets us going with the inventions, science has demonstrated that a moderate level of noise enhances the thinking ability that also increases the execution of the creative ideas.

One’s music preference can determine his/her personality.

It has been proved that your character or personality can be determined with the type of music you listen to. From some study carried out by Heriot-Watt University, it was seen that those who liked listening to blues were gentle, calm, creative and had a high self-esteem. Those who preferred classical music were introverts, simple, high self-esteem and creative. Fans of Jazz music were outgoing, simple and have high self-esteem. For country music fans, they portrayed to be hard working and outgoing. Dance hall fans were not gentle but creative.

Listening to music distracts us when we are behind the wheel.

An experiment was carried out whereby drivers driving were examined while listening to music of their choice. Most of the drivers committed driving mistakes when listening to their preferred music due to mind distraction.

Music training helps them enhance their motor and reasoning capability.

Taking time to learn how to play musical instruments can be beneficial to us, more so the kids. Better results were obtained by kids who had been taking music instrument playing classes for three years or more than the ones who never learned instruments by fine motor skills and audio judgment capability. In addition to that, they did well in nonverbal and vocabulary reasoning skills that include analyzing and comprehending of visual information.

Enhances visual attention.

It has been determined that patients suffering from stroke made progressive visual attention when classical music was played for them to listen to. The patents looked charmed when listening to music unlike when they were left in silence.

Listening to music assists us in exercising more.

Whether you ask gym goers or peddlers, they will tell you that they tend to do whatever they do best while listening to music. The reason behind this is that music helps in refreshing our brain after it gets tired.

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